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Run Routes

Our Saturday run route information can be found below. 

Looking for a route in the city and not sure where to go, follow our group on the the RunGo app to see all of our routes.

Your long run pace should be done at a comfortable conversation pace. If you are out of breath after your run, slow down. The rule of thumb is to run 45-60 seconds slower than your race pace. Calculate your run paces here. Talk to one of our coaches for more guidance or questions. 

Saturday, April 20 | 8:00 AM | Cystic Fibrosis Office (Washington's Landing)



Turn-By-Turns: Access here

MapMyRun Links






If you are following our training plans, below is the mileage you should run this Saturday:

Half Marathon

  • Level 1: 7 mi

  • Level 2: 7 mi

  • Level 3: 4 mi


  • Level 1: 8 mi

  • Level 2: 7 mi

  • Level 3: 6 mi


CHECK-IN PROCESS:​ When you arrive, please check yourself in at the registration table. Don't forget to also check yourself out when you are done.  

PACE GROUPS: We have the following pace groups: 7:30 | 8:00 | 8:30 | 9:00 | 9:30 | 10:00 | 10:30 | 11:00 | 11:30 | 12:00 | Run/Walk 

MEMBER SHIRT & GEAR PICKUP: Member shirts will be available this weekend at check-in. 

RESTROOMS: The CFF office will be open. 

PARKING: There several parking lots on Washington's Landing - all are free.         

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